Offers and Discounts

We want you to save big everytime you make a purchase or have to go for maintenance, repair or replacement. To bring discounts in all of these, we have several offers and discounts ready. Let's take a look

Refer a Friend Offer - FREE Furnace/Air Conditioner maintenance

Our "refer a friend" offer is a win-win for you and your friend. All you have to do is to refer a friend or family to Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services and as soon as they purchase a Furnace/Air Conditioner from us, you will get a FREE of cost Furnace/Air Conditioner maintenance. Which means, a saving of at least $100. Yuhu! Sounds good! Time to refer a friend to us. Here you go!

Home Comfort Protection Plan

Make maintenance & repair less costly. Subscribe to one of our home comfort protection plan and get the opportunity to enjoy discounted maintenance and repair. Enjoy up to 25% discount on repairs and as less as 36 hours of response time. Check out the detailed plan Here

Seasonal and occasional rebates and discounts

In addition to these above-mentioned offers that are available throughout the year, we also keep offering rebates and discounts seasonally and occasionally. To get to learn about upcoming offers, call today 905-822-9375 OR 1-855-245-4328